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Senior Living Development andConsulting

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When I wrote my last newsletter to you, I stated that upon the completion of the Casa Dorinda project that I would, “plan for a significant amount of time off to relax and travel. We will see all our children and grandchildren and hopefully travel abroad. Janet and I bought a Tesla this past summer and plan to drive across country in January”. In part, everything that we planned came to fruition except the unforeseen and related required changes. Both Janet and I contracted Covid at the end of 2021 and were well at the end of January 2022.


We did not drive our car to South Florida and instead shipped it. Neither she nor I were willing to embrace the cross-country travel at that time. We spent nearly three months in South Florida visiting with some of our children and grandchildren before we headed north to Bethesda, Maryland for a great nephew’s Orthodox Bar Mitzvah. We stayed along the way on Amelia Island, Savannah, Charleston, Richmond, and then Bethesda across from the new Marriott International headquarters. Without question, our favorite cities were Surfside and Charleston.


After our time in Bethesda, we flew from Dulles to Amsterdam. We spent five days there visiting with a very dear Dutch friend of mine. We stayed at the Hard Rock American Hotel and went once again to the world-famous tulip garden in Keukenhof. From Amsterdam, we flew to Milan and met Janet’s sister and brother-in-law. We traveled with them to Lake Como (image below) and stayed in Bellagio. From there, we went to Pietrasanta and Sienna in Tuscany. The former is where incredible sculptures are created and sent around the world. Sienna is a magnificent old city untouched by the European wars. From Tuscany, we flew to Paris. This was my first time there and the city’s sculptures, gardens, and food were exceptional. One drawback is how many citizens and tourists smoke cigarettes. From Paris we flew to Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon is a very beautiful city, and the people are just wonderful. We took a train to Porto, which is Portugal’s second largest city. Seven bridges cross the River Douro; one designed by Gustav Eiffel of the Eiffel Tower fame which we saw in Paris along with the Seine, Arch de Triumph, and Rodin’s sculpture garden and beautiful architecture. We flew back to Amsterdam from Portugal for our trip back to the States after three and a half weeks. Before we returned, we stayed at the CitizenM hotel at Schiphol Airport, which is the most technologically advanced hotel we have ever stayed in.


After four days of family and recovery in Bethesda, we charged our Tesla and made off for the trip across the country. We drove and stayed in Knoxville, Memphis, Little Rock, Amarillo, Albuquerque, and Barstow. The trip of 2,700+ miles was flawless in the Tesla. We drove quite a lot without sightseeing as we were anxious to be at home in Santa Barbara.


So now I am addressing the business thrust of this newsletter. I start with what I previously wrote: “Do I plan to retire? The answer to that is I still plan to provide some consulting upon my return although the days of managing big projects is likely over”. I plan to obtain work so that I might continue to contribute to Senior Living. My areas of focus will be STRATEGIC MASTER PLANNING and PROJECT PLANNING  to facilitate development, including consumer surveys, PRELIMINARY ECONOMIC MODELING, MUNICIPAL ENTITLEMENTS; ARCHITECTURAL PROGRAMMING, CCRC and ASSISTED LIVING  applications to the State regulatory agencies, preparation of MARKET RFP’s,  analyses, and recommendations post-study.


In concluding this newsletter, I look forward to collaborations, exploring our common interests, and working together. Please let us know how we can be of service. Below I’ve featured a few photos from our recent adventures.


With admiration and best wishes,


Edward Steinfeldt

Summer 2022